Make your next event a success with professional entertainment by magician and mind-reader, Chris Walden. With more than 20 years experience as an award-winning entertainer and a background doing corporate presentations and teaching around the world , Chris knows what is needed to keep your people engaged while you remain focused on your goals.

Trade Shows

photo of chris walden posing with a trophy

Chris Walden poses after receiving his award in 2006 from the Texas Association of Magicians.

With the investment you make in your trade-show booth you want to make every moment count. Chris will create a fun and engaging way to entice people to stop and spend more time. Key messages will be delivered as part of the entertainment and your real targets will be more inclined to spend a little extra time getting to know your business.

Sales Meetings and Seminars

These crucial events are an important part of your business, but it can be a real challenge to keep people fully engaged. Chris can help keep your event moving like a professional show, with entertaining transitions between activities and a way to smooth over moments that can occur in any complex event. He can also provide a program of pure entertainment as a lunch treat, or for longer events as an evening program.

Company Parties

These events can be particularly challenging as they often involve a combination of work colleagues with spouses and other plus-ones. Chris is the ultimate ice-breaker, providing interactive entertainment that will bring people together and give them something to share.

Get started

Add Chris to your event team now by filling in this request form. Someone will contact you to explore all of your needs. Of course, Chris also does private events!