A mysterious package


How would you open this box? eagerly or carefully?

Today I am delivering mysterious packages. The box show in this picture is being left for specially selected individuals as part of promotion of the show I am producing at the Scottish Rite Theater, Magic at the Capitol. I cannot reveal the contents of this box to you yet. I can tell you that it contains some very special artifacts that will lead to an interesting experience if the recipient dares to call me. It’s all in good fun and a little adventure.

I wanted to share this as an example of what is possible when you combine storytelling, illusion and theatre to deliver a message. In this case we are literally delivering these mysterious packages, with a surprise for everyone who follows up. Each need is different and requires a unique solution. This is truly my favorite kind of project, creating a special experience for someone that brings the message to life!

Later, I can reveal something of the contents of this box. In the mean time, there are still a few tickets left for Magic at the Capitol. This show sold out last year and we expect it to do so again. Get your tickets now to enjoy a program of family-friendly comedy and magic in one of the most beautiful and historic theatres in Austin.

If you want to follow along with my quest, I’ll be experimenting with Twitter to day: @CMWaldenATX #MATCQuest

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