SaintCMWby Chris Walden
Chris is a professional entertainer who uses his skill as an actor, magician and presenter to create interactive entertainment. He’s been performing for more than 30 years.

Merlin_the_WiseThis weekend marked the opening of Sherwood Forest Faire in Texas. I’m doing one of my favorite things for this event: collaborating with other talented artists. My friend Mark Wilson, has portrayed Merlin the Wise at the Faire since it opened. I’ve always been a fan of wizardry and fantasy, so I was thrilled when he asked me to be involved with brining this year’s program to life.
morgauseJoining him on stage is Morgause, played by Laura Brasher. (She made that dress herself!) In our show, Morgause is a young lady who is learning from Merlin. It’s a little timey-wimey with the legends, but it’s for entertainment! Laura performs some of the magic as well and is a great addition to the show.

┬áBut where am I? I’m the man behind the curtain in this show, acting as the puppeteer for Archimedes, the cantankerous owl.

archimedes_mockupThis stage photo shows the set when it was first built with Archimedes in the windows. (Click the picture for a larger view.) I designed and painted the wood walls which extend the existing stage.

I’m hoping to get some action photos, and will post them when I do.

saul_the_tale_tellerOf course, I’m not spending all of my time hidden behind the curtain. I’ll be roaming the grounds between shows as Saul, the Taleteller, sharing the art of pure storytelling. This is a selfie I took on opening day as the cast assembled in the morning.

I love the opportunity to step aside from performing magic or mind-reading and to share my passions for acting and stories.

I do hope that you make it out to the Faire this season to see our show. The first weekend we were rated best show on two visitor surveys. With the wide variety of entertainers this was a great way to begin the season (and my mom wasn’t even there). Sherwood Forest Faire runs through March. You can see details and buy advance tickets on their web site.

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